Appa is honored to present a new composition in tribute of the anniversary of 9/11.

The song ” 100 Stories High ” written by Jamie Lester and Randall Jackson, is dedicated to the memory of all who lost their lives that day, and in appreciation to the rescue workers and to all who answered the call during that tragic chapter in our nation’s history.

Jamie delivers the song with passion and emotion, and it is our hope that all who hear it vow in solemn remembrance to never forget…….


Lester/Jackson © 2011 BMI

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The Appalachain mountains are filled with story tellers and tune smiths that draw from the culture to pass down traditions, and to tell their tales.

These stories and songs speak of lives forged in trials and describe a people who respect tradition and hard work. They have an iron will as strong as the mountains in which they live.

These are a people that are fiercely proud of who they are and where they come from. The hollows and settlements are filled with a mystique that is related in story and song that is passed down to newer generations to this very day.

Appa music was born out of the desire to showcase these artists that may otherwise never be exposed to the rest of the world. Appa is not just about the music, but more about the grit and determination of the people from this region.

Within these pages you will find many styles of music including, bluegrass, country, gospel, Americana, blues, and even rock, all influenced by the area they call home.

So sit back, relax and explore a little. Our hope is that you find some very interesting artists and maybe even a diamond in the rough or two.

appamusic 2011

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