Virgil Harden

I was born in a small log cabin in rural Wythe county VA, third son of four to a farmer and sometimes carpenter. Who played the banjo; guitar, mandolin, harmonica fiddle and anything else that he could find that had strings. My mom played some too! My oldest brother had to traverse a foot log across Cove Creek and walk about four miles in the dead of winter and 10 inches of snow to bring  “ol doc Graham when I was born. I had polio when I was about four and as part of my rehabilitation mom and dad encouraged me in music. So it’s no wonder that it’s ‘in my blood now”. I have been playing, singing and writing songs since I was about ten or so. I started playing the harmonica when I was 9 or ten.  About fourteen or fifteen I started on the guitar. About 22; I took up the mandolin; and at 27 I tackled the banjo I even tried punish the piano a time or two.
There was plenty of inspiration in the countryside of that part of VA. I wrote my first song when I was about fifteen about my sweetheart. (She ran off and married someone else).  I guess I have written over a hundred songs since then and most all of them are from personal experiences or something that I have seen .
I have three sons and three daughters all of whom I love dearly. They have given me lots of grand children to spoil.  After they all left home; my wife left also. Said she was tired of looking at me. She said: I’m going to try single life before she got too old to appreciate life”. I guess she was serious; she’s been gone now for about sixteen years.
I have worked at a lot of jobs in my life; from the dairy farms of Wythe County VA to the cotton mills of NC the automobile factories in Newark Del. The coal mines in WV and at last Bluefield State College, but my “first love” as far as a vocation is concerned was always music. I guess I’ll be at it till it’s time for me to join that big band over there.  My dream is to get to play and sing one of the songs that I have written on the stage of The Grand ole Opry someday.

In conclusion: “If you are curious about my life, then listen to my songs. They’ll tell a lot more that I could ever put in a Bio.

Virgil Harden
Editors note:
Virgil heads up a bluegrass band named,”Appalachian countdown”. They will perform for festivals homecomings, parties and special events. Their performances usually include a variety of music from bluegrass, country and gospel.  They do traditional music as well as some new stuff that that one of them has written. They are all non drinking gentlemen and do not usually patronize the drinking crowd. They will start accepting booking dates again beginning April 2011.
With; Frank Horn from Tazewell VA on banjo, Grady McKenzie from Princeton WV on bass, Leroy Long from Tazewell VA on mandolin and his brother Dewey Long from Rural Retreat VA on fiddle
Bookings can be made by calling 304 589 3379 or an email to

Sample Songs

Gone Again

© 2011 BMI

Wake-up Call

© 2011 BMI

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